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Link Policy

If you wish to post a link to this site on a third party’s website, please contact us in advance. Consent of SHIGA is required prior to using this site. Please contact us with the following information: Name and contact details (i.e., address, telephone number, e-mail address, and company name)

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Legal Disclaimer

Shiga shall not guarantee any information on this site in any event though we make efforts to ensure accuracy of the information. In addition, the contents of this site are not aimed to provide the user with legal advice. Therefore, Shiga disclaims liability caused by the use of this website.

Personal Information Protection Policy

Legal Compliance

Shiga shall comply with the Law Concerning Protection of Personal Information (“Personal Information Protection Law”) and other related laws and ordinances when handling personal information at Shiga and shall take utmost care to treat such personal information properly. To this end, Shiga has established the following privacy policy.

Obtainment of Personal Information

Shiga shall obtain personal information by appropriate means to the extent necessary to achieve the purpose of use of such personal information. Inputted personal information is transmitted in a form of encrypted data, such as TLS (Transport Layer Security), in accordance with browser settings which are used when inputting personal information.

Purpose of Use of Personal Information

Shiga utilizes personal information within the extent to achieve the following purposes with regard to contents of services which Shiga has rendered and recruitment of new employees.

Services which Shiga has rendered
  1. (1)Correspondence with clients related to pending cases
  2. (2)Providing information with regard to services which Shiga has rendered
  3. (3)Responding to various inquiries which clients sent to Shiga
Recruiting new employees
  1. (1)Accepting prospective employees’ visits to Shiga, contacting them during the selection process and determining
  2. (2)whether to employ the candidates
  3. (2)Conducting personnel management and offering education and training sessions after Shiga hires the prospective employee

Management of Personal Information

Shiga shall utilize personal information in light of the above purposes of use and shall not utilize it without agreement from the person involved, unless otherwise provided by law. Shiga shall manage personal information properly by taking necessary and appropriate measures so as to prevent any leakage of the personal information.

Disclosure personal data to third parties

We shall not provide any personal data to third parties unless we obtain the person’s consent in advance, or except the case where it is permitted by laws and regulations pertaining to Protection of Personal Information Act.

Tracking by Google Analytics

For improving quality of the site and assessing usability, this website is measured by Google Analytics. Google tracks, records, and analyzes page views without any personally identifiable information. Although the personal data which was sent through our inquiry form can be connected with the Google Analytics data, this will not be provided or sold to any third party without the person’s consent. To check the terms of service and the privacy policy of Google, please visit the following pages on the Google site:

In addition, the monitoring by Google analytics can be suspended if you change the add-on setting of your browser by installing the Google Analytics Opt-out Add-on from the following page.

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Cookie Policy

Shiga has adopted Google Analytics on this site to ensure quality of security. For more detailed information, please visit Google Analytics privacy policy and its security measurement.

Modification of privacy policy

This policy may be changed without any notice to users unless otherwise provided for in the laws and regulations or in this policy.
A modified privacy policy comes into effect as of the day it is posted on this website.

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