Our search experts guide our clients in identifying the strength of patents for their businesses and fully utilizing their intellectual property strategies.


  • Prior art searches
  • Freedom-to-Operate (FTO) searches
  • Invalidity/Validity searches
  • Technology trend analysis
  • Patent monitoring
  • Patent landscape (Landscape Design™)


Capability to Handle Cases in All Technical Fields

Our clients rely on our seasoned search specialists to perform searches beyond technical boundary notwithstanding the complexity of the case.  We have handled searches for the fusion of chemistry and AI, machinery and digital transformation, by close collaboration with our patent attorneys.  Searches are available for documents in Japanese and English, and even in Chinese (for chemistry case).

Seamless Services

We offer searches on each step of technical level, ranging from R&D, prosecution, obtainment, enforcement, and utilization.  Our breadth of services also include opinion, prosecution, opposition, and trial for invalidation after conducting searches without idling time.  With full-fledged services as a leading IP firm, our proposals encompass search strategy taken account into IP enforcement and utilization.

Our Agile-based “Landscape Design” Creates Your IP Portfolio at Maximum Level

Our “landscape design”™ services offer our clients an in-house analysis, a competitor analysis, and a market analysis after consultations with our clients.  Our search specialists who well understand what our clients need provide robust proposals to them.

Prolific Outcome of Searches

Full spectrum of searches of patent documents overseas are available in conjunction with our strategic network of over 2,000 local agents worldwide.  Working in tandem with our partner network, we have conducted searches such as in China, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam, India, Australia, Indonesia, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Germany, the UK, France, Italy, Russia, the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Iran, and South Africa.