Our trademark team helps drive corporate brand strategies by maximizing the scope of protection of trademarks.


  • Prosecution, including filing national applications and handling office actions issued against international applications
  • Trademark searches
  • Post-grant oppositions and trials for invalidation
  • Cancellation trials
  • Opinions on infringement regarding trademark rights and unfair competition
  • Use investigations
  • Negotiations
  • Customs seizures
  • Enforcement (cease and desist letters, take-down notices, litigation, etc.)
  • Licensing
  • Recordals of assignment or name and address change
  • Defensive mark applications
  • Domain issues
  • Other consultation services


Responsive and Reliable Team Exclusively Serving Overseas Clients

We start up by launching a team specializing in overseas clients.  The team features trademark attorneys fluent in English with a proven track in handling cases for overseas clients, and administrative staff handle case management such as deadline management.  The whole team works side by side in dealing with any complex and urgent matters to help overseas clients achieve the best solution in a timely manner.  Because deadlines set by the JPO or court for cases of domestic entities are shorter than for foreign entities, typical law firms tend to put priority on cases of domestic entities.  Our trademark team focuses on their cases of overseas clients to avoid such a problem.

Best Solution to Issues Specific to Overseas Clients

We have been active in handling many intricate trademark cases for overseas clients and well situated in addressing issues peculiar to overseas clients.  For example, designated goods or services proposed by overseas clients not conform to the Japanese practice in many occasions.  When preparing applications, we review and propose goods or services acceptable by the JPO to avoid rejections and accelerate examination.  We typically do not charge any additional fees for the pre-filing review on the strength of our efficient review harnessing our internally developed systems.

Diversity of Services

We leverage our deep understanding and excellent expertise in trademark prosecution as well as in other services.  Our extensive roster of clients entrust to us on many oppositions, invalidations and cancelation trials.  Our trusted trademark attorneys and counsels routinely negotiate with owners of prior marks to seek cooperation on registration of marks of our clients.  Whenever you confront with problems on your brand such as infringements of your trademark right, we can advise and execute multiple options such as cease and desist demands, customs seizures, and sending take-down notices to platforms.  Depending on cases, we work with our attorneys-at-law preeminent in IP enforcement.