Our rich experiences and proved results notably increase the rate of successful seizure cases in the Customs and help you find the best solution.


  • Filing requests for recording IP rights at Japan Customs
  • Renewal of customs recordals
  • Addressing import or export of infringing products
  • Liaising with customs offices to address smuggling of infringing products
  • Training customs officers in workshops


Rich experience and deep knowledge on the customs practice based on a large number of seizure cases.

Recordal of IP Rights at Japan Customs

According to statistics provided by Japan Customs, many products infringing IP rights are imported from foreign countries to Japan.  In order to seize infringing products, it is essentially necessary to record IP rights at Japan Customs.  We have long-term experience in recordal of IP rights at Japan Customs.  In Japan, it is possible to record not only trademark rights or copyrights, but also patent rights and design rights.  Our clients look to us frequently to assist on recording any kind of IP rights at Japan Customs.

Addressing Arguments from Importers

When suspicious goods are seized, importers sometimes submit arguments to request the customs release of the goods.  We are known for our ability to address arguments from importers and have deep knowledge on preventing goods from being released.

Customs Training to Distinguish Counterfeits from Genuine Products

Seizing counterfeit goods requires specific information on the differences between genuine products and counterfeits.  Customs periodically holds workshops for customs officers to better understand the differences between genuine products and counterfeits.  Our clients engage us to attend workshops explaining guidelines for distinguishing counterfeits from genuine products.  Attending such workshops can lead to significant increase of the number of seizure cases.