Akiko Hashiguchi

Patent Attorney, Patent Attorney Qualified to Serve in Infringement Proceedings

Practice Area
Technical Field

Electronics, Information Technology, Telecommunication / Mechanical Engineering

Ms. Hashiguchi has been engaged in prosecuting applications of applicants mainly in China, Taiwan, the U.S. and Europe in recent years. Being fluent in Chinese, Ms. Hashiguchi is often invited to speak at conferences held in China and Taiwan. She was stationed in the legal department of a Chinese company as a resident Japanese patent attorney providing support regarding Japanese patent practice. In the past, Ms. Hashiguchi used to manage Chinese patent application documents related to hybrid car control, driving control, transmissions, etc. In her previous employment at a trading conglomerate, she resided in the United States, supporting the joint development of automobile-related products and the marketing of semiconductor technology for specific purposes. Ms. Hashiguchi is also capable of handling Spanish and Portuguese patent documents.




B.A., School of Humanities and Social Sciences, Waseda University

Professional Background

Kanematsu Corporation; Private patent firm


- Overveiw of IP Rights in Japan (Seminar Organized by Guangzhou Development Zone, Intellectual City, Association of International Promotion of Intellectual Property, November 2022)
- Research Techniques of IP Information in Chinese Language with an Aid of Machine Translation Tools (Seminar organized by Nagano Institute of Invention and Innovation, November 2019)
- Restriction of Copyrights (Training Course of copyright practice organized by Kanto Branch of Japan Patent Attorneys Association, September 2019)
- Post-grant opposition system and invalidation system in Japan (Japanese Patent System Seminar hosted by Taiwan Patent Attorneys Association (TWPAA), September 2019)