Keisuke Sodeyama

Professional with Doctorate Degree

Practice Area
Technical Field

Electronics, Information Technology, Telecommunication

Dr. Sodeyama specializes in electronic and electrical engineering and software, including signal processing, telecommunications, electronic circuits, electronic devices, and optical equipment. He has experience in researching wireless communication technology including for medical care.


Ph.D., Graduate School of Engineering, Yokohama National University

Professional Background

Japan Society for the Promotion of Science


Keisuke Sodeyama, Koji Ishibashi, Ryuji Kohno, “An analysis of interference mitigation capability of low duty cycle UWB communications in the presence of wideband OFDM system”, Wireless Personal Communications Journal,[Vol.54, Issue 1]
Keisuke Sodeyama, Ryuji Kohno, “Performance Analysis of Spectrum Management Technique by Using Cognitive Radio”, InTech, Ultra Wideband Communivations: Novel Trends/Book 1[ISBN 978-953-307-324-8]