Kentaro Horie

Patent Attorney

Practice Area
Technical Field

Chemistry, Biotechnology, Pharmaceuticals

Mr. Horie specializes in biochemistry, organic chemistry, and analytical chemistry. He has experience in food analysis, enzyme purification, and clarification of the structure and activity of compounds isolated from foods, using HPLC and NMR, and methods such as ELISA and PCR.

Mr. Horie’s suggestions and advice take into account the differences between overseas and Japanese IP practices. He also handles many patent cases for overseas pharmaceutical companies.  As Mr. Horie has extensive experience in filing patent term extension applications, he handles various requests and questions for PTEs from his clients.

In addition for obtaining patents, Mr. Horie is well versed in patent enforcement strategies such as the opposition systems and invalidation trial.


Prosecution, oppositions, trials for invalidation, and suits against trial decisions


M.S., Department of Biotechnology, Osaka University

Professional Background

House Foods Corporation


Patent Term Extension Strategies for Drug Formulation Patents (Seminar organized by Technical Information Institute Co. Ltd., July 2023)


Iida, M., Horie, K., (2023) Latest technologies in genome editing and their use in pharmaceuticals, gene therapy, agriculture, fisheries and livestock production, and production of useful substances, Technical Information Institute, Co. Ltd.