Masato Iida

Senior Vice President

Patent Attorney, Patent Attorney Qualified to Serve in Infringement Proceedings, Professional with Doctorate Degree

Practice Area
Technical Field

Chemistry, Biotechnology, Pharmaceuticals

Dr. Iida specializes in biochemistry, molecular biology, and pharmaceuticals.  In particular, he has detailed knowledge of genome editing technology.  Dr. Iida is qualified to represent parties in court in IP litigation.  In addition to patent prosecution, he is well versed in patent enforcement strategies such as the opposition system, invalidation trial, and suits against trial decisions.

During his more than 15-year career in the IP field, Dr. Iida has focused on advising clients in the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, life science, and chemical sectors both in Japan and overseas.  He also has extensive experience in lecturing on Japanese patent practice to various overseas companies, universities, research institutes, and public institutions.  Because of his extensive knowledge and experience in both the biotechnology and IP fields, he has been asked to contribute articles to medical journals.

In his previous career, he was involved in the development of anti-cancer agents in a mega pharma.


Ph.D., Graduate School of Agricultural and Life Sciences, The University of Tokyo

Professional Background

MSD K.K. (formerly Banyu Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.)


IAM Patent 1000 2023 (Intellectual Asset Management)
IAM Patent 1000 2022 (Intellectual Asset Management)
IAM Patent 1000 2021 (Intellectual Asset Management)
IAM Patent 1000 2020 (Intellectual Asset Management)
IAM Patent 1000 2019: The World’s Leading Patent Professionals (Intellectual Asset Management)


- AI Pharmaceutical Patents from the Viewpoint of Life Sciences (Symposium organized by the California Lawyers Association, August 2022)
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- AI x Pharmaceutical Patents from the Viewpoint of Life Sciences (CLE Seminar organized by The Rochester Intellectual Property Law Association, November 2021)
- Overview of IP Trends and Practice in Japan and Practical Tips in Light of Legal Comparison between USA and Japan (Seminar organized by The Rochester Intellectual Property Law Association, November 2019)
- Recent Trends on Patents for Antibody Drugs in Japan (Webinar organized by the California Lawyers Association, August 2019)


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