Satoshi Hattori

Vice President

Patent Attorney

Practice Area
Technical Field

Chemistry, Biotechnology, Pharmaceuticals / Physics, Optics, Materials

Mr. Hattori specializes in chemical engineering, inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, polymer chemistry, metals chemistry, non-metal materials, and electric materials. During his tenure at the JPO, he worked extensively on patent examinations and appeal/trial examinations in the field of chemistry and materials science. While Executive Chief Administrative Judge, Mr. Hattori was involved in the consideration of trial policy for important cases and strategies for suits against appeal/trial decisions. While Director of the Quality Management Office, he introduced a quantitative estimation system for the quality of patent examinations. As Director of the Examination Standards Office, Mr. Hattori organized the development of examination guidelines for requirements relating to shift amendments and unity of invention, the examination handbook, and case studies, as well as the revision of the appeal case digest. He was also involved in establishment of current examination guidelines as a chairman of a related committee in the patent examination division. As a Chief Judicial Research Official of the Intellectual Property High Court, Mr. Hattori was involved in a number of suits against appeal/trial decisions, as well as appeal cases concerning suits against infringement of patents. His abundant experience at the JPO enables him to strongly and promptly support the IP strategies of his clients. He examines his proposals from many angles to devise the best strategy decision for his clients.


Assistance with patent infringement litigation before the Japanese courts, suits against trial decisions, invalidation trials, warnings and negotiations, and opinions


M.S., Department of Chemical Engineering, Kyoto University

Professional Background

Japan Patent Office