Teruo Morimoto

Legal Counsel (Tokyo Station Law Firm)

Patent Attorney, Attorney-at-Law

Practice Area

Mr. Morimoto of Tokyo Station Law Firm is responsible for infringement litigation and contracts. He has experience in general matters regarding legal affairs and intellectual property including copyrights.


Suits against trial decisions, litigation, and contracts


LL.B., Faculty of Law, The University of Tokyo
J.D., cum laude, School of Law, The University of Tokyo

Professional Background

Business machines manufacturer


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“Distribution of Patented Products and ‘Safe Transactions’: Ricoh Case”, Patent, Vol.76, No.3, pp. 63 (2023)
"A Review on a Decision by Div. 2 of Intellectual Property High Court, which has changed its previous criteria on copyrightability of what they call Applied Art", Patent, Vol.68, No.10, pp.67-75 (2015)
"An esquisse for copyright protection of applied art under Japanese law", Patent Vol.64, No.1, pp.53-63 (2011)