Zhen Zhou

Professional with Doctorate Degree, Chinese Patent Attorney

Practice Area
Technical Field

Chemistry, Biotechnology, Pharmaceuticals

Dr. Zhou specializes in chemistry, pharmaceuticals, and biotechnology. He is fluent in Japanese and English, in addition to Chinese, and has a wide range of expertise and experience in preparing and translating patent specifications into each language. Dr. Zhou was also involved in research and development of organic synthetic pharmaceutical products.


Prosecution, opinions, trials for invalidation, and suits against trial decisions


M.A., Biochemistry, Jilin University
Ph.D., Chemistry, Graduate School of Science and Technology, Kwansei Gakuin University

Professional Background

Private Chinese pharmaceuticals manufacturer, Private Japanese IP firm


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Experimental Parameters for SERS of Nitrate Ion for Label-free Semi-quantitative Detection of Proteins and Mechanism for Proteins to Form SERS Hot-sites: ASERS Study, Zhen Zhou, G.G. Huang, T. Kato, Y. Ozaki (2011), Journal of Raman Spectroscopy, 42, 1713
Surface-enhanced Raman Scattering of Protein Binary Mixtures, Zhen Zhou, G.G. Huang, Y. Ozaki,(2012), Journal of Raman Spectroscopy, 43, 706