Kenji Tanaka

Patent Attorney

Practice Area
Technical Field

Chemistry, Biotechnology, Pharmaceuticals / Mechanical Engineering

Mr. Tanaka specializes in secondary batteries, semiconductor devices, display devices, medical equipment, and inorganic materials. He conducted research on metal oxides such as reduced titanium oxide and nanoparticles thereof, for example, an experimental and computational discussion on electron state and spin state with first-principles calculation.




M.S., Graduate School of Science, The University of Tokyo


Training course "Effectiveness of Arguments for Inventive Step in JPO Examination" organized by Kanto Branch of Japan Patent Attorneys Association in September 2021


"Effectiveness of Arguments for Inventive Step in JPO Examination", Patent, Vol. 74, No. 7, pp.74-84, Japan Patent Attorneys Association, 2021
A Closer Look at the Arguments Effective for Inventive Step in the JPO Examination, Managing IP, Asia-Pasific IP Focus 2021